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Educational Services

Communication A to Z provides a home specially designed program for students with autism or intellectual/developmental disabilities who have challenging behaviors. Meeting the needs of individuals with challenging behaviors can be challenging in a school setting when they need to access the school curriculum and meet their activities of daily living and social skills. As a Non-Public Agency, we work for schools providing many services. Our dedicated staff work in schools as 1-to-1 support staff to assist teachers in their classes, in homes for in-home hospital students, provide PEERS programs for students, and transportation to assist students.

Communication A to Z provides specially designed services for students of all ages with disabilities.

School-Based Services

Communication A to Z is certified by the California Department of Education (CDE) as a non-public agency (NPA). Upon request, we can provide a team of instructional aides and consultants to work within your school setting. Services are a support service, not a supplement to the student’s educational program. Our one-to-one (BII) services shall never supplant the classroom teacher’s role. In the school, our job is not to relieve the classroom teacher, or any certified staff providing instruction to the student from their responsibility for the instruction provided to the student. We support the teacher in promoting the student’s educational needs by reinforcing appropriate socially acceptable communication and redirecting undesirable behaviors that interfere with the student’s ability to access the curriculum.

Behavior assessments and skills assessments can be performed within the school setting to help address your student’s strengths and weaknesses across any area of concern. The BCBA (BID) is available to address issues and for oversight of one-to-one staff and assists in the development of an Individualized Behavior Education Plan for your student’s specific needs if requested.

In-Home Based Services

Communication A to Z will provide a Behavior Interventionist (BII) instruction within the home for individuals unable to attend a normal classroom setting due to challenging behaviors. Through Applied Behavior Analysis, our goal is to assist each student to learn coping strategies and communication that will assist them to express their needs. Through established education goals (IEP), we work to create a learning environment that promotes and produces successful outcomes.

The goal of Communication A to Z is to identify the behaviors and reasons and seek alternatives that reduce the need for that behavior to occur. Through scientific based research, we work toward the remediation of negative behaviors while increasing positive interactions.

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BID) will oversee the progress and behavioral needs of each student, family, and staff to work on the remediation of undesirable behaviors and move toward socially acceptable behavior so that the student can someday return to a regular school platform with fewer supports.

Communication A to Z has a Certified Special Education Teacher (SAI) who can provide oversight to the programs to ensure all school and state standards are met for the student to access and maintain and progress in their academic program.

ABA Services

Communication A to Z provides in-home ABA services to individuals to address specific areas of need. Our programs are based on applied behavior analysis methodologies including but not limited to; Discrete Trial Training, Pivotal Response Teaching, Functional Communication Training, Shaping, social skills (PEERS), and Functional Skill Building, to promote communication, socialization, and academic development. We identify factors to reduce absenteeism or negative behaviors on transportation or when arriving or returning and other forms of transitioning can be counterproductive to a student’s success in the academic forum.

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