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The Program for The Education And Enrichment Of Relational Skills (PEERS®)

PEERS® for Young Adults

Individuals with autism or intellectual/developmental disabilities can struggle with social interactions when it comes to finding and keeping friends and relationships. Best attempts to promote interactions with others often fail due to social awkwardness which leads to social isolation and hopelessness about a future of loneliness with no social life. Having opportunities for interactions with others is paramount to teaching social skills. PEERS allow individuals to practice those skills with less pressure since everyone in the group is following the same guidelines and have the same social issues. This program can help to develop communication skills and social skills that can prepare them to interact with others more comfortably. PEERS promotes focus-based sessions on specific areas of need. They encourage problem-solving, and perspective-taking. PEERS also looks at humor and “buzzwords” to address pitfalls in social interactions and how to respond as well as identify incorrect responses.

PEERS® for Young Adults (Ages 18-32) is a 16-week evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated young adults, who are interested in learning ways to help make and keep friends. During each group session, young adults are taught important social skills and practice these skills in session while receiving individualized coaching from a team of clinical staff and peer behavioral coaches.

 Young adults must attend each session with a social coach (i.e., parent, family member, adult sibling, life coach, job coach, peer mentor, etc.). Social coaches are taught how to assist young adults in making and keeping friends by providing feedback during weekly socialization homework assignments. This will contribute to their young adult’s ability to develop and sustain lasting friendships. Both groups run concurrently with young adult groups at the same time and location. Social coaches must attend every session.

Topics of Instruction:

Pre-requisites for Young Adults:

Committed to regular attendance

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