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In-Home Services

Communication A to Z provides in-home services to all ages, regardless of disability. We provide a variety of services to families and residential facilities that may need intensive behavioral intervention support requiring 20 or more hours a week. We work with the individual and parent/caretaker to give the tools to promote coping skills and proactive strategies to reduce undesirable behaviors while providing replacement behaviors that promote lasting change. Our BCBA will observe and establish a program and oversee all aspects of the program that are specific to the individual in need. Once determined, dedicated staff will follow the plan and make adjustments as needed as per the BCBA with data-based evidence to monitor improvement or lack thereof. Using research-based methodologies of Applied Behavior Analysis we promote functional communication,

coping skills, social skills as well as everyday life skills that give people the tools they need to express their needs using socially acceptable forms of communication while eliminating those negative, undesirable behaviors that pose barriers to continued development toward life goals.

At Communication A to Z, we believe that when teaching functional skills, you must go where the services are needed. In the community, at school, a day program, or at home. We take a proactive approach to teaching functional skills, reducing problem behaviors, and taking advantage and capitalizing on the resources available to the individual. A wide variety of teaching strategies are used within the Applied Behavior Analysis model to promote appropriate interactions while reducing socially inappropriate negative behaviors.

When teaching functional communication skills, we employ a variety of strategies such as the use of Picture Exchange Communication Systems, visual supports, and simple augmentative communication to provide a variety of supports that encourage 

communication and the ability to express their wants and needs instead of resorting to challenging behaviors that have worked in the past.
Our program emphasizes language, attending, cooperation, positive praise and reinforcement, and shaping appropriate socially significant behavior while reducing unwanted behaviors that create barriers to choice, communication, and independence.

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